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The benefits of a part time finance director

  • High calibre FD at a fraction of the cost
  • Someone to help you navigate your business through rough seas and uncharted waters
  • Gives you better control of your business and its future
  • Flexible and cost effective
  • Enhances your relationship with investors, bankers and statekholders
  • Lets you compete with large corporates
  • Strengthens your management team
  • Delivers a clear route to the future
  • Reduces the risks and possibilities of failure
  • Makes it easier to access funds, and more competitively
  • Optimises your business processes
  • Improves your cash flow
  • Increase your profitability
  • Enhances your opportunities for growth
  • Reduces stress on the CEO
  • Releases the CEO to drive the business forwards
  • Enhances company morale
  • A “right hand person” to act as mentor and confidante for the CEO

Which problem can we solve for you?

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How can I improve my cash-flow?

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. Having a full order book and being profitable can actually hurt your cashflow, so planning is everything… but it’s not easy. Converting slow payers into good payers, optimising your processes and getting your stock forecasting to work for you can also take unnecessary pressures off you and your business. Improving your cashflow is what we can do for you.
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How can I increase my profits?

Getting a firm grip on the “numbers” is the foundation of a sound business. You need to know precisely how you are performing against your budgets for sales, margins and expenses – and you need to know it monthly or weekly. Having a detailed forecast or budget enables you to make the right decisions at the right time - and so optimise your profitability. Showing you how to create a budget and generate accurate, timely reporting of financial information is what we can do for you.
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How can I raise funds?

If you want to expand your business and invest in the future, you may have a fund raising requirement. After we have optimised your cash flow, we might actually eliminate the need for you to secure new funds. But if there is still a requirement to raise capital, we can ensure you raise the right amount at the right time for the right price – whilst minimising your risk.
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How can I sell or exit my company

If you are considering an exit from your business, we can include this in our review of the strategic planning process. We will then identify suitable targets and engage with your external advisers and help you manage the transaction – without losing sight of the day to day running of the business. We can get your business in the best possible shape to sell: having us on board can significantly enhance your prospects of a sale at the best price.
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